We provide a unique and comprehensive aquatic design service that connects every element of the pool's design.

Aquatic Design & Engineering

Aquatic areas can present some of the biggest challenges for architects and designers. If each element is not carefully considered, the results can be unsightly, expensive and potentially damaging to the surrounding building.

By combining all the design disciplines into one complete package, we’re able to develop efficiencies and design strategies that may be overlooked if considered independently. We also offer full aquatic engineering solutions that consider every element of the pool’s design. All disciplines are covered and documented as one harmonious package.

Structural Engineering

We offer comprehensive structural engineering design with every project, providing longevity, performance, durability and peace of mind. Our team is always reviewing past projects and practices, educating ourselves on the latest technologies and principles and ensuring that all our structural designs exceed expectations.

Water Treatment

With so many different water treatment options on the market, it is sometimes difficult to obtain objective advice on which technology is best for you. We ensure that each project is treated individually and that the most suitable technology is adopted in the design. This ensures successful, efficient and trouble-free operation, guarantees compliance, and provides a healthy aquatic environment for all users.


An often overlooked yet essential component of the pool water treatment system is hydraulics. We give careful attention to a pool’s hydraulic design to ensure that the system operates efficiently, economically and practically on-site.

Finishes, Fittings & Fixtures

The finishes of a pool not only provide an aesthetic benefit, but they ensure a safe, resilient and hygienic surface. We specify complete, homogenous pool finishing that complements the performance of the pool structure and maximises the life of the pool. Together with full set-outs and specification of all pool fittings and fixtures, we provide an overall finish that will complement any aquatic facility.

3D Modelling (BIM models to LOD 350)

We adopt 3D modelling on projects to enable a seamless design coordination process and prevent construction conflicts. Utilising 3D modelling also provides clients with a better understanding and representation of the project. We are proud to offer 3D modelling as part of our design services, to complement our design partners.

Aquatic design solutions
that keep things simple.