Decades of leadership and innovation.

Established in 2014 as Aloha by Design, Commercial Pool Consulting entered the commercial aquatic design market in 2018 with the mission to provide professional, independent and considered aquatic design consultation services to the commercial building and construction industry.

While significant consideration and attention was being provided to major municipal aquatic centres, we recognised that there was a lack of design and understanding being provided to the wider commercial aquatic market. This resulted in pools and other aquatic elements that did not perform as intended, including not meeting basic statutory and code requirements, and exposing clients to costly pool and building repairs.

We seek to eliminate these issues by providing a complete, independent and specialist design solution for aquatic facilities of all sizes. From a simple lap pool for residents in an apartment complex to a full-scale community aquatic centre, we aim to deliver designs that will operate efficiently for years to come.

With 25 years of construction and commercial aquatics experience, we bring a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver successful projects.

Our values


Quality First

The quality of our documentation is our primary focus and our point of difference. The cost and time implications of project documentation that is inaccurate or lacking in detail can frustrate clients, contractors and designers alike. We take pride in our project documentation, always ensuring that it is clear, accurate and concise.


Universal Design

Designing your aquatic facility so that it is accessible to all is something CPC are passionate about. Rather than simply including ‘add-ons,’ we aim to fully integrate all accessibility elements into the design. CPC adopt the principles of Universal Design with an inclusive view of how people of all abilities access and engage with the facility. Our designs intend to go ‘beyond compliance’ and are based on the principles of individual autonomy, enabling full and effective participation in society.



It is increasingly common to come across pool designs or specifications that do not satisfy the relevant legislative or code requirements. All too often, the design will nominate non-compliant construction methods, materials and equipment. CPC ensure that your aquatic facility is fully compliant with all health, accessibility, construction and energy efficiency requirements. This protects your investment and mitigates potential risks from non-compliance.



CPC pride ourselves on our professionalism and the way we conduct ourselves. We ensure that all communication is timely, all correspondence is clear and concise, documentation is legible and detailed, and our team is punctual, attentive and friendly. We understand all too well the frustrations caused by missed target dates and inefficient or non-existent communication. We strive to meet all project deadlines we commit to.

Greg Sullivan
Senior Design Consultant

Commercial Pool Consulting is led by Greg Sullivan. Greg brings 25 years of construction and commercial aquatics experience across hotels, apartments, splash parks, aquatic centres, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. This experience provides Greg with the unique ability of understanding the intricacies of design, construction and project management for all types of aquatic projects. He has worked on a wide variety of aquatic projects, including the FlowRider® ride at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC), RACV Cape Schanck Resort, Craigieburn Regional Aquatic and Leisure Centre and the Royal Children’s Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool.

Greg started his career in 1995 with an apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery and launched his own building company in 1998 focussed mostly on residential projects.

In 2008, Greg joined Walter J Pratt Pty Ltd (WJP) as a Project Manager. WJP is a commercial plumbing contractor focussed on water treatment plants and life support systems for aquatic centres, aquariums and black water, grey water and rainwater treatment. Greg took the lead in supervising the construction of modular stainless-steel pools which were imported from Italy and installed across a variety of projects here in Australia.

Greg joined Hydrautech Designs in 2014 as a Project Manager and Engineering Draftsman. Hydrautech is an engineering firm specialising in the design and engineering of hydraulic services for apartment buildings and aquatic centres. In this role, Greg refined his aquatic drafting and design skills and gained an in-depth understanding of the engineering and design aspects of commercial aquatic projects.

Greg joined Commercial Pool Consulting in 2018.

Michael Tancredi
Design Consultant

Michael has over 4 years’ experience in the building services industry, specifically in hydraulic services design. Michael brings an innovative approach to the pool and aquatic industry with his knowledge of 3D BIM software. This enables him to coordinate services long before the commencement of construction. Michael is also responsible for day-to-day project management and liaising with clients and fellow design professionals during the course of projects.

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